What we offer to Health Centres

15 FREE OF CHARGE Magazines Delivered Every Month

Freemags can provide your Health Centre with 15 free of charge magazines delivered on or around the 18th of every month. Reduce your patients perceived waiting times by allowing Freemags to provide your waiting areas with new, fresh and up to date magazines every month.

Every month when you receive a new delivery of magazines, the older titles are yours to keep for you to do as you wish with them, of course we recommend recycling or take them home.

If you would like to go ahead with this, head over to the contact us page and fill out the simple form.

The magazines are purchased from Freemags and supplied to sites free of charge. Freemags recoup the cost of the magazines via advertisements.

15 free magazines delivered every month

Our specially selected bundle of 15 magazines includes a wide variety of quality and popular titles from some of the UK's most reputable publishers - even magazines for kids.

Delivered directly to your practice in one easy to handle bundle each month, titles include: BBC History, Focus, Geographical, HomeStyle, Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom, Natural Health & Beauty, Stuff, Sunday Times Travel, Today's Golfer, What Hi-Fi, Your Home, Country Living, Dinosaur Action (Kids), Pets2Collect (Kids), Fantastic (Kids).

Freemags Magazine Bundle

The benefits of Freemags

  1. 15 free magazines delivered every month saving you £900 per year on subscription costs
  2. Less hassle for practice managers as magazines are delivered in one bundle.
  3. Patient's perceived waiting times reduced as they enjoy up to date magazines.
  4. New magazines will improve the appearance of waiting areas.
  5. No more thumbed and dog-eared magazines plus improved infection control.
  6. The patient experience enhanced and the practice saves money.